1976 Luhrs

Location: Decatur, Texas, United States
Price: US $14,950.00
1976 Luhrs Convertible Fishing Boat - 32' with Trailer
This is Used boat
Condition Used
Year 1976
Make Luhrs

This auction is for a 1976 Luhrs 32′ offshore fishing boat.  My father purchased this for me to fix up for offshore fishing.  Unfortunately, I have not had the time to work on it due to my many other projects, and I need to make room in the shop.  It is powered by twin Chrysler engines (see photos).  I have never run the engines, but my father was told when he purchased the boat that the engines had been overhauled.   The interior is in reasonable shape given its age.  The boat has been kept in my shop, out of the sun, since I have had it.  The hull appears solid and sound, although some minor, cosmetic fiberglass work may be necessary.  The primary work I intended to do was to replace some of the exterior wood work on the aft end of the cabin, where the plywood is peeling.  Minor woodworking skills can handle this fix.  The photos show the forward berth, the dining area, the galley, the head, and the lower pilot station.  There are also pilot controls up top.  It also has outriggers installed.  The boat come with a trailer (not pictured) which we used to move it here to Texas.  The trailer alone is worth several thousand dollars, from what I have seen on Ebay,  The boat has been listed for several thousand dollars less than we have in it because I simply do not have the time to work on it and I need the space.  I will be happy to answer your questions.  Thanks for looking. 

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