2008 Pursuit 31 CC

Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States
Price: US $115,000.00
Pursuit 310 Center Console CC CUDDIE Boston Whaler Grady White TROPHY CLEAN
This is Used boat
Condition Used
Year 2008
Trailer Not Included
Make Pursuit
Engine Type Twin Outboard
Model 31 CC
Engine Make Yamaha Engine
Type Center Console
Engine Model F-250 Four Stroke
Length (feet) 31
Primary Fuel Type Gas
Beam (feet) 9.6
Fuel Capacity Over 200 Gallons
Hull Material Fiberglass
For Sale By Dealer

 <a href=”http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash”> To view the showcase you need Flash 6 or higher.  Click here to Install it now.</a><br>–or–<br>  <a href=”http://stores.sellersourcebook.com/backwater-marine”>View Other Listings for backwater-marine</a>                2008 Pursuit 310 CC         BEFORE WE START THIS AUCTION I WOULD LIKE TO ADDRESS THE MOST RECENT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK BY TRIPSLEEPER   Boat has undisclosed damage Correct title still hasn’t been received STAY AWAY Buyer: tripsleeper  ( 283)   During past month   BAHA CRUISERS 277 GLE Grady-White boston WHALER walkaround WALK Pilot house (#141949835043) US $40,200.00   AS YOU CAN SEE THIS PARTICULAR BUYER SAID THERE WAS UNDISCLOSED DAMAGE TO THE BOAT BUT NOTICE HE ISN’T CLEAR WHAT THAT DAMAGE IS, AND ALSO SAYS HE HASN’T RECEIVED A TITLE. BOTH OF THESE STATEMENT ARE FALSE, AND I AM GOING TO LEAVE THE EVIDENCE HERE TO PROVE IT. OUR COMPANY STRIVES HARD TO KEEP THE INTEGRITY OF SELLING QUALITY BOATS AT A REASONABLE PRICE. BECAUSE EBAY IS SET UP AS A BUYERS MARKET, THEY WILL NOT HELP US… I.E. THE SELLER WHEN FALSE ACCUSATIONS ARE CLAIMED, EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE PROVED THIS TO EBAY. BELOW IS THE EVIDENCE OF THIS SLANDER BY A CUSTOMER WHO OBVIOUSLY WAS TRYING TO EXTORT OUR COMPANY FOR MONEY UNDESERVING. ALSO FLORIDA STATE LAW SAYS THAT WE HAVE 30 DAYS FROM THE POINT OF SALE TO PRODUCE ALL TITLES, AND REGISTRATION AND WE DID IT IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!! I GUESS HE WAS TRYING TO THROW IN MORE LIES ABOUT OUR COMPANY. WE PROVED THIS TO EBAY, AND THEY SAID ITS HIS OPINION… WOW!!! I DID NOT KNOW LIES WERE OPINIONS, BUT IN THE CASE OF THE BUYER IS ALWAYS RIGHT IN EBAY WORLD UNFORTUNATELY THE SELLER IS ALWAYS THE VICTIM. AS A MATTER OF FACT WE CANNOT LEAVE ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO THE BUYER, EVEN THOUGH OUR COMPANY SPENDS CLOSE TO 2,000.00 PER MONTH WITH EBAY. IN THE 10 YEARS IN BUSINESS I HAVE NEVER HAD TO DEFNED THE INTEGRITY OF OUR COMPANY LIKE THIS! WHAT A SAD DAY, AND FOR EBAY TO ALLOW IT, IS WHY WE FEEL THE RIGHT TO NOW VOICE OUR OPINION.     First off I would like to start out by saying that TRIPSLEEPER sent his own surveyor to inspect the vessel. The Surveyor found that the inside of the hull had some minor delimitation on the PORT stringer, and our customer wanted us to fix that for him. We did this, and also included a year warranty on the work. When the boat arrived he called and asked why the Starboard side wasn’t done, and we replied that it was not put in the survey nor was it on our contract to do so. The Starboard side was fine by the way, but this customer wanted to lien on us for more money and we will not be extorted. I told him at that point to ask the surveyor about it, and communicate the problem to him. Here is the email from TRIPLEPPER from his surveyor shown here….   It looks like a nice boat. Sent all the paperwork that the boat had in it, that pertained to its history. I will let you decipher WTF it means!! It sounded out solid, but there is a delamination on the Port stringer. Seemed more like a poorly done original the day it was built more than an issue of delamination. It sounded out solid. Poorly done battery install, easily fixed. All the CG stuff is gone Flares, PFD’s, etc. Wipers, Horn, lights worked. The GPS wouldn’t come alive, but I may of missed a switch. Seats are good. Hull sides look good. Let me know, thanks for the call, Don Pike           We believe in using many large pictures to show you what you are bidding on, so please be patient while they load, it will be well worth the wait! Please note: All deals made early must still go through E-bay for our safety and yours!!     IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE…….We welcome all eBayers to bid, although if you are new to eBay and have a 0 or negative rating, you MUST Call us first at 239-872-6270 BEFORE Bidding on this vessel so that we may verify your ability and integrity to fulfill your obligation on the purchase of this boat, if you bid before contacting us your bid will be canceled and you will be blocked from further bidding, we also reserve the right to end this auction at any time for any reason as it is also advertised locally. All used boats are sold AS IS , with the exception of late model boats that still have a factory warranty. If we sell a late model used boat with a warranty, we will transfer all warranties to the winner of the auction. Our company checks all engines or out~board motor’s for compression and run ability. If anything is needed when a boat comes in, we do it. We make sure all boats are in good running order. Some may need a little TLC and some may be in A-1 Pristine condition! If they have power we make sure the power is ready to go! If it needs a tune up, we do it. If it needs a belt, we put it on. Please read carefully about each individual used boat. We cannot be held accountable for every light bulb, switch, or pump that may be good or bad on all used boats. Also, please note that any trailers that come with the boats are also sold AS IS. If a trailer needs tires, hubs, lights or anything else you will need to do the necessary repairs to make the trailer road worthy. On a good note most trailers are in over~all good condition.  ALL BOAT SALES WILL INCLUDE A $395 ADMININSTRATIVE FEE THAT WILL BE ADDED TO EACH BILL OF SALE. THIS FEE COVERS TITLE PAPERWORK AND OVERHEAD EXPENSES. IF YOU ARE BIDDING PLEASE REMEMBER THIS FEE WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR FINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE VESSEL. NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES WILL BE APPLIED EXCEPT SALES TAX TO FLORIDA STATE RESIDENTS.  A note to all winning bidders!! Please know that all boats won on the day of auction have 30 days of free gated OUTSIDE storage in a locked and facilitaed area with video surveillance. If you need to or would like to store the boat here after the first month, each additional month will be $150.00 dollars made payable to the Back~Water Marine . Any boat that is over 30ft. Long will pay $200.00 per month due to limited space on large vessels. If the boat you are bidding on is 35ft. or larger you may have a wet slip at 15.00 per foot plus electric. On average a wet slip at the beautiful marina at Cape Harbour is around 500.00 to 600.00 per month if needed.    Contact Phone Number      Cell.- (239)-872-6270 CLOSED ON SATURDAY in observance of the SABBATH (Church) SDA, Sunday by appointment only. 24-7 for all questions on any boats. Micky   We have a full service marina that offers everything from……. * BOAT CANVAS and UPHOLSTERY to…. * FULL COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC and ENGINE REPAIR…. * VESSEL SHRINK WRAPPING…. * GEL-COAT and FIBERGLASS REPAIR…. * WED SAND and BOAT DETAILING…. * CUSTOM T-TOP’S BIMINI’S and HARD TOPS…. * NEW and USED TRAILER SALES…. * BOAT GRAPHICS and CUSTOMIZED LETTERING…. * AND MUCH MUCH MORE…..     PLEASE ASK US ABOUT ANY SERVICE YOU MAY NEED OR WANT AFTER THE PURCHACE OF YOUR BOAT!!!!    VESSEL FINANCING PLEASE CALL.. JUNIOR BATES at..  INTERCOASTAL FINANCE GROUP -(772)-559-1562   WE ARE LOCATED AT THE BELOW ADDRESS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!! YOU MUST CALL FIRST BEFORE COMING TO VIEW ANY OF OUR BOATS, WHICH ARE KEPT IN A LOCKED AND FACILITATED GATE ON THE   PREMISES. Back~Water Marine Inc.5828 Cape Harbour Dr Cape Coral, Fl 33904 239-872-6270 Cell You are bidding on a 2008 Pursuit 310 CC powered by twin Yamaha 250 Four-Strokes with just over 900 hours of use. Don’t be fooled by the hours on this beautiful 310 Pursuit folk’s…. Not only do these Yamaha’s have a life expectancy of upward to 4,000-5,000 hours, there minimal life expectancy is 2,500.00 when ran hard, and fished hard. The really good news is that this particular boat was never fished, and after a computer download we found out that 541 and 534 hours were spent at a dead idle in neutral. Also from 1,000-2,000 RPM’s the boat had the second most recorded hours at 174 and 182.1 hours at a slow troll or slow idle. We have attached the computer download for you to see in the picture gallery, showing the full range of hours used at RMP’s. You may be asking why was it used this way? Well the answer to that question is this…….. This boat was used only as a DINGY behind a 165ft Super-Yacht. They only used this awesome fishing machine to get themselves back and fourth to shore with there supply’s, which makes perfect sense because the boat would sit next to the mega-yacht while at idle, and then slowly make its way inshore for departure. The boat is clean, and is ready to be fished now!! LOL. The only thing we have found that is wrong is the RayMarine E-120 screen is very dim (See Pictures). It may need to go back to RayMarine for a screen repair.   Pursuit 310 Outside TEST on same Model   Magazine From a performance standpoint, the 310 represents the best Pursuit has ever built. Actually, you could say that about its construction too. Just to bring you up to speed, Pursuit has decided to use the Mercedes-Benz method of model delineation: Performance During the Miami International Boat Show, it took an hour-long ride through Stiltsville on Biscayne Bay to find water calm enough to run speed trials. Otherwise, we encountered steady 15-knot winds pushing 2- to 4-foot seas outside the incredibly busy inlet. But every cloud has a silver lining. Conditions made for an excellent boat challenge. The new C310 outperforms every other Pursuit center console that has gone before, thanks to a deeper deadrise carried farther forward, a sharper entry and a wider beam. A pair of Yamaha 250 hp four-strokes lifted us onto plane in a scant three seconds. Though factory specs claim a displacement of 8,300 pounds, I figured that with three of us aboard, plus fuel, water, gear, etc., our actual weight came closer to 11,000. Nonetheless, I managed to squeeze 53.4 mph out of the 310 at 5,700 rpm, while the Yamaha Command Link fuel gauges claimed a twin-engine burn of 44 gph. A common 35 mph cruise at 4,300 rpm used 22.8 gph. I found the most fuel-efficient cruising speed – 25.6 mph – used 14.5 gph for 1.77 mpg and a range of 415 miles (figuring 90 percent usable fuel). Cranking in a turn at cruising speed and with cruising trim, the 310 turns as sharply as you can stand – not a maneuver I’d try with children playing in the cockpit. At a trolling speed of 6 mph, you’ll find the centerline prop wash extends back to only the second wave. Other than that, it runs crystal clear. Bumping that up to an artificial-lure speed of 10 mph only slightly increases the prop wash and generates only modest surface turbulence. Design and Construction Pursuit has always built boats with unimpeachable quality, and the 310 poses no exception. Interestingly, the boat comes standard with forward seating that hides storage for four rods under each side. Apparently, a huge majority of Pursuit owners want that seating arrangement rather than an open bow. And of course, Pursuit supplies the obligatory drink holders on each seat. You’ll find a large dry-storage space in the foredeck sole with a sea chest for all the drains with a single automatic bilge pump. Move from the pointy end to the chunky end to experience a truly well-designed lazarette with its fuel tanks, pumps, plumbing, etc. Pursuit also created an excellent centerline foldaway transom seat. Another terrific feature – the leaning post that I mentioned earlier boasts seats that slide fore and aft and have thigh bolsters that fold up for leaning or down for seating.   While no line of boats is perfect for everyone, certainly anyone would be proud to own this Pursuit. LOA……31 ft. 2 in. BEAM……9 ft. 6 in. HULL DRAFT……1 ft. 10 in. DEADRISE……24 deg. WEIGHT……8,500 lb. (dry) FUEL……260 gal. MAX HP……T250 hp OB   See my other listings for more great items!   THE TRAILER THAT IS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES IS A YARD TRAILER!! IT IS NOT INCLUDED AND IT IS NOT FOR SALE. IF YOU NEED A TRAILER WE CAN ONLY OFFER A NEW TRAILER FOR 6,500.00 TRIPLE AXLE ALUMINUM.      By placing a bid, you are agreeing to the following payment terms. You are responsible for all taxes, title and registration fees that your state may charge. A NON REFUNDABLE Deposit of $500.00 to be paid or sent within 48 hours at close of auction and is to be paid by Cashiers Check, Paypal or Cash in person. **Deposit ONLY can be paid through Paypal** The Balance is to be paid in full within 7 days at close of auction, Bank Wire Transfer, Cash in person or Cashiers Check, cashiers check must clear our bank before boat leaves premises, this means if you plan to pick the boat up when the banks are closed please bring cash in person.   Boat is to be picked up as soon as possible unless other arrangements are made, although payment terms are FIRM as mentioned above. Boats must be picked up within 30 days or storage rates will apply.  txzj pxzj3530 txzj41 txzj93

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