There is a list of special supplies and stuff to carry to the boat. Every fishing boat must have following  setup.However proper setup depends on species of fish to catch.

First to take is: 

A cooler with food, drink, baits, and caught fish may be kept cold in it.
If the boat is too small, consider having a seat cooler installed (which is a seat that opens up with a large cooler under it).
Another imortant thing is  life vests, a first aid kit, and a tool box.

Second will be:

A net, gaff, scale, fish measures-to measure fish size. Livewells, trolling motors, and depth finders can also be very handy, depending on the type of fishing that will be done.

One more thing to take care of:

Rod holders, centred or on the sides of boat to keep rods easy. They will help yor hand to keep free for other jobs.

Forth part of fishing boat setup will be:

The rods themselfs, reels, xtra lines, lures, wire, hooks,rigs. Good to have bags to organize small parts together. Best to have orgnized storage place.

Last part of each fishing boat setup is:

All stuff that can help with emergency situation. It may be engine repair parts or flashlights, anchor, ropes, extra water supply etc.
Think it over before you sail away.

God bless you good sails!